Real life. Real tough.

"... In March of 2005 I flipped an F-350 on the beach in North Carolina, as many as 8 times. The WEATHER GUARD saddle box that was bolted into the truck tore itself out of the bed, and they found it somewhere on the beach. It was full of tools and weighed close to 1000 lbs. With the exception of damage to one side of the locking system, the box survived in good shape. WEATHER GUARD replaced the locks and the box is still in use today. "
— Christopher Ripley

GearUp Truck Fit Guide

Customize your truck with the WEATHER GUARD® Interactive GearUp Truck Fit Guide! We have the widest selection of professional truck storage equipment available today for all compact and full-size pickup and work trucks! Gear up your truck with our large selection of truck tool boxes — saddle, cross, pork chop, and even high- and low-side boxes — truck ladder racks, sliding platforms and heavy-duty drawer units. Choosing the right gear for your own needs is easy — just pick the make, model and year of your truck!

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