Real life. Real tough.

"... After packing up and leaving a job site with the tailgate down on my truck I headed to a supply house to pick up a shower base. While in a residential area and going slow, I did not realize my PACK RAT was not fully closed, and the tail gate was left open by mistake. Once on the highway ramp the drawer of the tool box started to open as we went around a corner and speed increased. I did not realize this right away. On the freeway a couple cars ahead one car rear-ended another and brake lights came on all over. As I am about to hit the breaks I hear a horn behind me. A car is about to slam into my tailgate and I realized the PACK RAT drawer is way out there. I decide to get onto the shoulder rather than hit the car ahead of me. The car behind me does the same but slams into the drawer of the PACK RAT. The drawer closes as the car hits it and the tailgate. Once we all stop, the car behind me has a damaged grill and headlight and a small dent and scratch on its hood. I did not hit anything but have a damaged tailgate. The PACK RAT is fine other than some minor scratches on the drawer. The PACK RAT works fine and kept all its contents during this escapade."
— Carl Reinighaus

GearUp Truck Fit Guide

Customize your truck with the WEATHER GUARD® Interactive GearUp Truck Fit Guide! We have the widest selection of professional truck storage equipment available today for all compact and full-size pickup and work trucks! Gear up your truck with our large selection of truck tool boxes — saddle, cross, pork chop, and even high- and low-side boxes — truck ladder racks, sliding platforms and heavy-duty drawer units. Choosing the right gear for your own needs is easy — just pick the make, model and year of your truck!

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