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Real life. Real tough.

"... I have had my WEATHER GUARD truck box on three trucks and it still looks new. I carry about 200lbs of tools in the box that I use every day for work. Well one winter about a year or so ago, it was extremely cold and I was up in the very northern part of the state, (about -45f, and 20'' snow). Well I went to get my snow brush and realized that it was inside the box. I opened the box figuring it would not open due to the cold weather and I really didn't want to have to fight it. Well after I pushed the button, the top flew open, and I didn't have to clean the box off or anything. I was very impressed. I also have used the box to stand on to reach a ceiling more than once (I am not a very light guy, about 230lbs) and the top of the box never deflected at all. I must say it is one hell of a product. Keep up the good work."
— Deven Spears

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Replacement Parts

Genuine Replacement PartsAccidents happen. And when they do, we make replacing lost or broken parts easy. WEATHER GUARD® has a full line of genuine WEATHER GUARD Replacement Parts for your products. All of our factory authorized replacement parts are made to the original equipment specs, and come complete with trilingual instructions. Most product type/or model families have datasheets, and each datasheet contains drawings so that you can easily identify parts and order them for fast delivery through your local distributor.

To find the replacement parts for your product, please use our cross reference guide below and simply choose the appropriate category, then your product model number.


Model Number


Truck Box Model Help

WEATHER GUARD Truck Boxes have been in production for nearly 40 years. If you own an older model but can't determine exactly what your model number is, please refer to our "Model Number Series Timeline" Guide, also referred to as "Which model do I own?" Guide.

Replacement Keys

Replacement Keys can be requested through your local distributor, or with our online partner at In order to get replacement keys, you must know your key code and which type of box do you have, (Saddle, Cross, Lo-Side, Hi-Side, or Pork Chop Box or All-Purpose Chest). Without a key code it may be necessary to replace the lock. One of the benefits of registering your products with us is that we can have your key codes ready when you need them and save you the expense of replacing your locks due to lost keys. Please click here for instructions on how to find your key information.