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Real life. Real tough.

"... We had a jobsite in San Antonio TX and at the hotel one of our pickups and trailer were stolen. Luckily both were recovered but the trailer was cleaned out and truck ignition and door handles broken and ripped out. The WEATHER GUARD truck box was still in the truck and to my surprise was still full. It was pretty obvious they tried to get in because they destroyed the lock but got nothing. The worker was so happy that all of his personal tools were still safe. I was going to just replace the tool box cause it is older and the aluminum has faded some what. For the price of new locks I can buy a new truck box, but not a WEATHER GUARD. So I think I'll keep the old workhorse just in case some low life gets tempted I'll know my tools are secure. "
— Robert Allen

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Transfer Tanks

WEATHER GUARD® Fuel Transfer Tanks are designed specifically for transferring diesel fuel only, from the bed of a pickup truck to remote or heavy equipment. Constructed of heavy 14-gauge steel, the interior baffles prevent fuel sloshing and provide extra reinforcing, and the fill tube is reinforced with length that allows for tank expansion. Transfer tanks fit with most bed liners and WEATHER GUARD Cross and Saddle Boxes, and come in several capacities to fit your usage.

  • Baffle design reduces fuel movement and provides extra reinforcement
  • Lockable and vented filler cap prevents excessive pressure build-up
  • Full arc-welded construction
  • Plate steel flange for secure mounting
  • May be used in combination with WEATHER GUARD saddle or cross truck tool boxes
  • Exterior of tanks are protected with Brite White powder coat finish

Model 350-3-01 Compact Transfer Tank

Dimensions: H: 22 W: 30 L: 32

Weight (lbs.): 131

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Model 352-3-01 L-shape Transfer Tank for short bed pickup trucks

Dimensions: H: 26 W: 30 L: 43

Weight (lbs.): 152

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Model 354-3-01 L-shape Transfer Tank for full size pickup trucks

Dimensions: H: 26 W: 30 L: 52

Weight (lbs.): 185

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Model 358-3-01 Rectangle shape Transfer Tank for full size pickup trucks

Dimensions: H: 23 W: 24 L: 46

Weight (lbs.): 152

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Model 360-3-01 L-shape Transfer Tank for full size pickup trucks - Largest Capacity Available!

Dimensions: H: 27 W: 37 L: 49

Weight (lbs.): 219

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