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"... WEATHER GUARD van shelving systems are the best you'll ever own. They hold up to anything you can give them. I have had three systems in vans and trailers and wouldn't buy anything else."
— Timothy J. Bauer

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Get a rebate from Ford, GM, or RAM when you upfit your van or truck with qualifying equipment by Weather Guard.


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Pro Packages

More than ever, time is money. So Weather Guard® van solutions has re-engineered time-saving van storage packages for a broad range of professional trades.

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Key Features

Weather Guard Exclusive
Packages for General Contractors, Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC, Telecom, Security and more
Complete combinations of shelving, bulkheads and cabinets
Specialized accessories selected for specific job requirements
Packages for all commercial Full-Size, High-Roof and Compact Vans

Contractor / Remodeler

We know contractors and remodelers need flexibility to adjust their van storage to fit the job. WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions packages are customizable for your work needs now, and in the future. You’ll have flexibility with our tool-less adjustable shelves, a variety of storage cabinets, and handy accessories.

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Our Plumbing packages help you organize your equipment and supplies, large and small. From rooters and recips, to pipe threaders and hand tools. Our cabinets and drawer units securely store all those fittings and components. WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions packages are customizable, with an array of accessories.

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Mechanical Contractor / HVAC

Mechanical / HVAC pro packages keep expensive test equipment and meters safe, and organize parts, large equipment, and supplies. WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions packages are customizable to meet your specific storage needs with an array of accessories, like Freon Tanks holders.

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Electrician / Electrical Contractor

Our Electrician packages give you secure storage for expensive test instruments, hand, and power tools. Cabinets and Drawer Units help organize all those connectors and fittings. Supplies are a snap with wire spool racks, and roof-top Conduit Carriers. WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions are easily customized.

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Telecom / Security

Packages for Telecommunications and Security pros have storage for all the equipment and supplies needed for cable, telephone, and security services. WEATHER GUARD® Van Solutions packages are customizable with an extensive list of accessory components.

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Basic / Delivery

Keep it simple with room for even the busiest days. A number of shelving sizes help you organize. Tool-less adjustability ensures flexibility for changing work requirements. Our exclusive polycarbonate bulkhead provides maximum protection and visibility.

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